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A Misfired Spell (Rockruff TF)

Harry Potter was not having a good day. The first class he had was potions, with Snape being even more nasty than usual, Moody ‘teaching’ them to resist the Imperius Curse, making him fall flat on his face when he fought back against it. Rubbing his eyes as he walked towards the Transfiguration classroom, he hoped that nothing else happened
“Oh, who am I kidding” he mumbled to himself “With my luck, it’s more likely that a yeti would walk into the bathroom while I’m washing my hands”
“Oh come on mate” Ron said, lightly shoving Harry “It isn’t that bad!” the young Gryffindor smiled as they took their seats, in front of Seamus Finnigan and Neville Longbottom
“All right then” Professor McGonagall began as soon as everyone took their seats “Today you will be transfiguring the small rocks on your desks into small dogs” as an example, McGonaga
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Lab Mice (Plusle and Minun TF)
It was a big day in Rustboro City. Specifically, inside the Devon Corporation. Today the company’s most ambitious device was about to be complete, the Pokemon Transformer Room. Despite of that, Joseph Stone, the president of the company was pacing around his office with a headache. The cause?
The lack of test subjects for the machine.
Despite the years of development, no one in the company wanted to participate in the tests, and to make things worst, he had to leave for a weekend long meeting in Kanto with Sliph Co. so he couldnt help in looking for some. That’s why he had called up the head of research, Michael Fava.
“Alright Mr Fava” Joseph started, grabbing his briefcase “I need you to do anything you can think of to get some test subjects”
“Anything sir?” the scientist asked
“Yes” the president said, walking towards the door of the office “We need to test that device. So do what you think is necessary” the chie
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The Pack Part 1 Omega (A TF Story)
A large wolf leap onto another rock, it’s large amber eyes looking over the Wela Volcano park. It focused on a small group of people walking towards the exit of the park. It leaped down, crouching in the grass to keep hidden, and took a sniff
Human pups!” it thought, moving slightly forward, peeking outside of the bush, focusing on the group walking to front of it. “Three females… one male’s that too old… Wait” the wolf pushed its head and focused on the spiky, raven haired boy with the yellow mouse on his shoulder “Prefect” the Alpha said, a wolfish grin on it’s muzzle “I found the next member of my pack”
“Hey Pikachu, you okay?” Ash Ketchum asked his favorite companion, scratching behind his ear
“Chaa” Pikachu said wheezing, Ash realizing what was wrong
“You have a cold, huh?” the small yellow rodent nodded. Ash stopped and slipp
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Only a Dream (Chapter 5)
The small boy looked out the car’s windows in boredom, rain splattering rhythmically on the roof as Doctor Agasa swerved side to side, trying to cut through traffic
“Look out!” Jimmy yelled in the passenger’s seat, Agasa swerved to the right to avoid the stray dog crossing the road
“That was close” the professor said, laughing nervously
“Yeah, a little too close!” Jimmy exclaimed “Would you slow down a bit, please!?” Conan sighted, attempting to zone out the argument between the two
“I should have grabbed something to read…” he mumbled, shuffling to get comfortable and fighting the urge to butt into the conversation
“How did they convince me to go get them…?” Jimmy mumbled to himself “It’s raining like crazy out there. They could have stayed in the hotel across from the airport till tomorrow”
“You know how your mother is Jimmy” Agasa said nonchalantly “She
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Bugsy's New Friend (Bug Catcher TF)

Andy hated bug pokemon.
He really couldn’t explain why he did, he didn’t find them gross or annoying, he disliked them. Unfortunately for him, he lived in Azalea Town. In fact, his house was right next to Bugsy’s Gym so he constantly heard the young gym leader training and playing with his pokemon, giving him no end of headaches.
“Come on Metapod!” he heard Bugsy yell as he was laying in bed, he growled and covered his ears with his pillow in anger “Come, do it again!” he tried to ignore it and go to sleep, but after 20 minutes of Bugsy screaming at the top of his lungs, he snapped and stomped up to the window
“BUGSY!!” he yelled at the gym leader, he jumped in surprise “PLEASE, SHUT UP!! I’M TRYING TO SLEEP, AND DON’T WANT TO HEAR YOU TRAINING YOUR DISGUSTING BUGS TILL FOUR IN THE MORNING!!!” he ignored the shocked look on the gym leader’s face, slamming the window
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...Only a Dream (Part 4)
Author’s note: Okay, I want to clear something up. In the story Conan gonna two types of dreams, lucid and non-lucid. In the non-lucid, he can’t really control himself or think to himself. The lucid are written like the rest of story, the non-lucid are written in Italic.
Conan groaned slightly as he opened his eyes, he was surprised to find he was right outside the Kudo Mansion. He looked down, seeing that his body was slightly transparent once again
“Another one of these dreams” he said to himself, he also realized he was wearing the pajamas that Jimmy gave him as well as his glasses
“Look dad, I can’t just leave Conan feeling like this on the floor of a ballroom” he heard a voice say, before he could turn around, Rachel walked through him as she talked on the phone while carrying dream Conan, who was moaning as small amounts of blood dripped from his nose “I don’t care dad. Look, we’re Conan’s guar
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...Only a Dream? (Part 3)
The police surrounded the area as Inspector Meguire walked up to the stage as Conan looked at the corpse
"Moore" Meguire said, walking up to detective "Good to see your up again Conan" he said ruffling Conan's hair
"Good to see you too Inspector" Conan said happily, shaking his head right after "Okay this day keeps getting weirder and weirder" he whispered to himself
"Alright, the victim's name is Nicholas Thompson, age 49" Meguire said, listing off data about the deceased CEO as Conan got closer to the corpse
"Doesn't seem like there much to see here" Conan thought, lifting the man's arm as Meguire approached Richard
"Alright Moore, this looks pretty cut and dry" the inspector said "Obviously a shooting at long range, but we don't have a weapon, suspect or location"
"True, but if we find the bullet or the impact zone we might have something" Richard muttered, the boy staring at him in surprise
"Good job Richard" Conan thought, impressed he turned back to corpse and looked at the wound
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One More Time (Chapter 1)
Dipper Pines sat on his bed, writing down some notes, as his twin Mabel laid on her stomach on the floor, reading a magazine
"Hey Dip" Mabel said, looking up from the magazine she was reading "Wanna go monster hunting?" the boy looked up from his notebook
"Sure, after lunch?" he asked, his twin nodded giving him a brace filled smile, as Dipper hadn't gone monster hunting since the Weirdmaggedon event with Bill Cipher, mostly spending his time with their great uncle Ford down at the lab underneath the house. She returned to her magazine until they heard a loud crash come from the Gift Shop
"What was that!?" Mabel yelled looking at her twin
"I don't know, come on" Dipper said, running down the stairs, Mabel right behind him
"What the heck Pointdexter?!" a gruff voice yelled as the twins reached the door to the gift shop "Do you know how hard this thing was to find?" Mabel gulped and opened the door, showing their grand uncles arguing, Stan pointing at a large object covered in a tarp lea
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Ashchu's Instincts (Part 32)
 Zygarde walked over to the unconscious pikachu, frowning
"Why won't you wake up?!" Ashchu yelled, tears streaming out of his eyes as he shook his brother's body back and forth
"I don't know" Xerneas said, having turned into a pink ball of energy "No matter what I try, I can't heal him"
"I know what's wrong" Zygarde said slowly, transforming into his human form "His aura is being slowly destroyed"
"What?" Bolt asked
"When Missing Number grabbed him, he tried to rip is aura out, since he wasn't to fully do it, his aura was poisoned" Zygarde explained, kneeling next Ash "It's dying slowly, and Ash along with it"
"Can you help him?" Ashchu said, sniffling. Zygarde nodded and put his hand over Ash's head, glowing green, before removing it quickly
"Oh this is going to be hard..." he whispered, before placing his hand back on the pikachu's body and closed his eyes. Ashchu removed his paws from his brother as he was surrounded by a green glow
"Ash... please wake up..." Ashchu whispered a
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...Only a Dream? (Part 2)
Conan stared at the teenager standing at the door, gawking
"Conan?" the teen asked "You okay?"
"Yeah, I'm okay" Conan said, trembling a little from the shock of the meeting
"You sure Conan?" Rachel asked "Your shaking"
"Hehe, guess I'm still a little woozy" Conan said, grabbing the back of his neck nervously
"Glad to see your feeling better Conan" Jimmy said, taking a glance at the clock "Um, Rachel we better get going or we're gonna be late for your tournament" Conan realized that Rachel was carrying her sport bag, before he could say anything he thought of something
"I bet it's just Kaito Kid messing with me" Conan thought as the two teens left, Anita simply sat down on a nearby chair and grabbed a nearby magazine
"Did I miss something important?" Conan asked "Did Uncle have any cases?"
"No, not really" Anita said, looking over her magazine "Moore assent had anything too big, just a small tailing case"
"So, any luck with the antidote?" Conan asked, only to get a confused look from he
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Ashchu's Instincts (Part 31)
Ashchu tried to run to his brother, before Zygarde blocked his path with his foot
"Don't get close to that thing" he said, looking straight at the tornado
"Thing" Missing Number said, almost jokingly "Is that any way to refer to your brother?"
"Brother?" Max asked
"Technically" Zygarde said, starting to charge up a Dragon Pulse
"Now, I bid you goodbye brother" Missing Number laughed as it started floating upwards "I have some work to do"
"No you don't!" Zygarde yelled, launching the Dragon Pulse at the monster, but the strange tornado surrounding the creature deflect the shot back to him, knocking him down. Missing Number laughed as it teleported somewhere else, the group left in complete shock, until a small yellow rodent ran to his brother's side
"Ash you okay?" Ashchu asked
"Can't... move" Ash panted, focusing all his energy to standing up
"Easy" Zygarde said, walking over to him crouching and touching his back "You had your aura drained, trust me, I've seen them do this befo
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Birhtday Beach Party (Tuber Trainer Class TF)

Sixteen year old Adam was walking near on the beach near Slateport City, enjoying the fresh air, when he noticed that there were a lot of children walking around, most of them with inner tubes
"Hi mister" a girl with a pink and white inner tube said
"Hello" Adam said "Is there a party here or something?"
"Huh huh" the girl said, nodding "It's a birthday party for a friend of ours"
"So, where is he?" Adam asked, looking at the group of children
"Oh, he's not here" the girl said, reaching out with her hand "I'm Carmen, by the way"
"Name's Adam" the teen said, shaking her hand "Nice to meet you"
"You can join us if you want" Carmen said, running towards the other kids "Come on!" Adam though for a second
"Well, I don't have anything else to do today" he thought, he shrugged and ran towards the kids, he found Carmen in about half a second
"Hi Adam" she said, grabbing his hand "Come on, I'll introduce to everyone" she pulled him to a small sta
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Ashchu's Instincts (Part 30)
Ashchu looked out the window of the police chopper, sweating "Ash, Gary, Nubtup please be okay" he whispered to himself
"Hey" Bolt said, putting his paw on his shoulder "Don't worry, their going to be okay. And if they did anything, they'll end up like Team Rocket"
"Okay, Rob. Whats our ETA?" Jenny said in the seat across from them
"Bout five minutes!" the pilot yelled back
"Okay, look kids" Jenny said "I know you have experience dealing with criminal groups, but Cipher is different"
"How, the fact their not made up of idiots?" Bolt whispered, making Ashchu giggle
"Different how?" Max asked
"They are a lot more organized" Jenny said "So, we are going in through the door alright, we need to try to stick together, got it?" the kids nodded as the helicopter landed, they all ran out towards the volcano, where a large police force was waiting, setting up barricades, and placing something on the doors
"Jenny" a SWAT officer said, running up and saluting "The breaching charges are set"
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...Only a Dream? (Part 1)
Another routine case so far, a murder that was made to look like suicide, poison to be precise, three suspects, old mansion, the owner was the one killed, every single one of the subjects had reason to commit murder nothing he hasn't seen before. So why was he feeling like something bad was about to happen?
"Calm down Jimmy" the seventeen turned eight year old boy though as he looked through the house's empty rooms "None of them look like any Black Organization member that could recognize me"
"Conan?" he heard a voice call "Where are you?"
"Downstairs Rachel!" he shouted back "I've really gotten used to that name, haven't I?" he asked himself, remembering the day he was shrunk into his current form, when he saw something out of the corner of his eye, a bottle of some kind. He grabbed it and looked at it "Cleaning solution?" he opened the bottle and sniffed it and grinned, he knew who the killer was, putting the cap back on the bottle he ran upstairs back to the scene of the crime
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Hey guys. Wisdom teeth pain is over, so I'm getting back into writting the next pokemon TF.
Well, I'm working on a new TF, but it will take some time as I had my wisdom teeth removed two days ago. Sweet mother of god it hurts... But I'll keep writing it.
I know I'm not the only one worried about the Net Nuetrality thing. I have hope, but I'm still scared about what will happen tomorrow.
I just watched Coco, and sweet mother of god, the ending... It's incredible!
Another TF done, and I also satisfied my inner Harry Potter fan. So, two wins for one.

744Rockruff SM anime by VicenteKS

Harry Potter was not having a good day. The first class he had was potions, with Snape being even more nasty than usual, Moody ‘teaching’ them to resist the Imperius Curse, making him fall flat on his face when he fought back against it. Rubbing his eyes as he walked towards the Transfiguration classroom, he hoped that nothing else happened

“Oh, who am I kidding” he mumbled to himself “With my luck, it’s more likely that a yeti would walk into the bathroom while I’m washing my hands”

“Oh come on mate” Ron said, lightly shoving Harry “It isn’t that bad!” the young Gryffindor smiled as they took their seats, in front of Seamus Finnigan and Neville Longbottom

“All right then” Professor McGonagall began as soon as everyone took their seats “Today you will be transfiguring the small rocks on your desks into small dogs” as an example, McGonagall tapped the small, diamond shaped brown stone on Harry’s desk, making it quickly morph into a small brown puppy, she tapped it again and it returned to being a rock “Begin”.

Around one hour into the lesson, Harry finally managed to get the stone to sprout a tail, he sighed and began to flick his wand to try again, but was stopped mid-motion as a cold sensation hit his neck, making him shudder and drop his wand

“Harry!” he heard Neville yell “I’m so sorry, I didn-”

“What happening?” McGonagall's stern voice interrupted Neville’s rambling

“I-I-I accidently hit Harry with the spell professor” Neville mumbled, shrinking into his chair when the professor’s face hardened

“Mr. Potter” McGonagall said, touching his shoulder as he shivered “Are you alright?”

“Yeaf, I thinuff” Harry said, the shivering subsiding slightly, but a strong itching sensation started at his neck, making him scratch it unconsciously

“Good, but I wouldn't scratch yourself” the professor exhaled “Still, I will take to the Hospital Wing, with these kinds of things it better to be safe than sorry. Mr. Longbottom, detention tomorrow at 9, understood?”

“Y-yes ma’am” Neville stuttered as Mcgonagall guided Harry out of the classroom, no one noticing that the stone Harry was working on dissapeared.

Harry couldn’t help but scratch his neck as they walked to the Hospital Wing, however, Madam Pomfrey was standing outside, wearing a surgeon’s mask with the door to the clinic closed, a slight blue shimmer surrounding it

“Popy, what’s wrong?” McGonagall asked “Why is there a quarantine?”

“Dragon Pox” the mediwitch said, wiping sweat from her forehead “Around 3 first years have it.” She looked at them and frowned “Mr. Potter, this has to be a new record for coming here. What did you do this time?”

“I rufdn't ro any-” Harry couldn’t finish the sentence for some reason, but his head of house explained

“Mr. Potter was hit by a canine transfiguration spell by Mr. Longbottom” she explained calmly, not noticing that Harry couldn’t finish his sentence

“Hmm, let me take a look” the mediwitch pulled out her wand and waving over Harry “Looks normal for these situations. Are you having trouble speaking and itching?” Harry nodded “That’s all normal, so unless something else was introduced into the spell, it should wear off on it’s own after some rest. Since the Hospital Wing is closed, just go to your room, Mr. Potter. I would recommend that his dorm mates sleep in a separate room Minerva.” McGonagall nodded and dismissed Harry, telling him to go to his dorm and relax.

Harry walked into his dorm, scratching his body with incredible fervor, his skin feeling as if it was coated with ants. Taking advantage of the fact he was alone, he removed his robes and pants, leaving him wearing nothing but his boxers, he started scratching himself again, as his hand passed over his throat, he felt something hard and smooth. He passed his hand over the spot again, feeling a small diamond shape with a slightly sharp tip, scared and curious, Harry walked to the bathroom and gasped.

Around his neck, there were small, brown diamond shaped rocks, like the ones from class, the one on the middle of his throat being slightly bigger than the others. Looking closer, he saw what looked like white hair growing around the rocks

“Whack is goiruff on” Harry asked out loud, not noticing his busted english, he touched the rocks on his neck but quickly pulled his hand away, his finger stinging “Owww” he whined, putting his hand under the water from the faucet. As the stinging subsided, the itch was replaced by an intense burning sensation. The pain was overwhelming, Harry turned to the shower and quickly turned it on, the cold water on full blast. It felt incredible on his irritated skin, Harry moaned, not noticing his hair changing from a deep black to a light brown. Staying inside a little longer, the brown hair began to spread, coating his face, except for around his mouth, where it turned a darker shade, with the white hair growing from his neck grew longer.

“Ahh, thiff feeks ROCKRUFF!” Harry screamed as the water suddenly started burning, he jumped out of the shower and crawled out of the bathroom, the fur on him spreading faster, coating his entire body, the white fur around his neck puffing out fully. Gasping, Harry sat on the ground, staring at his stomach as the fur turned white. The transforming boy whined as the fur reached his hands and feet, darkening to a dark brown similar to that around his mouth. Harry sat there stunned, scratching his head as his ears shifted to the top of his head, becoming more triangular shape and bending over, the top darkening to the same shade as his mouth. The young Gryffindor shook his head, before a sharp pain on his back emerged, making him lay down on his stomach so as not to sit on it. He bit his tongue as he felt a strong pulling sensation, he gasped in relief when the sensation ended, he looked at his back and gaped at the large fluffy white tail that swayed back and forth lazily, he poked it and, surprisingly, he felt it.

What the heck is happening to me?!Harry asked, not realising that what actually came out of his mouth was “Rock ruff ro ruffrockruff?” before he could think anything else, his arms and legs began to hurt, they felt as if they were being squeezed, he shut his eyes as his arms and legs shrank back into his body, he felt the pulling sensation on his mouth and nose as they pulled out into a muzzle. “Arghhhh!” he screamed as the transformation ended, he opened his eyes and stared in surprise at his former hands Paws... he mumbled, staring at the three toed canine paws in front of him, he lifted one up to his face,  staring at the small pink pads on them “I have paws…” he mumbled, looking over himself “This can’t be happening” he mumbled to himself, dashing, awkwardly due to now being a quadrupedal creature. He jumped through the open door and ran to the now flooded shower, instinctively not touching any of the water, and stared at his reflection. Staring back at him was a small, brown, dog like creature and, as he blinked, his emerald green eyes turned blue, and he could see no trace of his scar, however, he jumped when he heard someone knock at the door of the dorm, scared, he ran under his former bed and stared.

“H-Harry?” he heard Neville stutter as his feet came into view “I know that pro-professor McGonagall said that no could come in, but I-” Harry didn’t wait for him to finish, he ran out from under the bed and started yelling

Neville! Get McGonagall, please!” he barked “I forgive, okay, just please get her!” the pudgy boy however, stared at him in shock

“W-what are you?” he asked slowly

Nev, it’s me, Harry” the transformed boy said, only to see confusion form on his dorm mate’s face

“I-I can’t understand you” he stammered. Shaking his head, Harry pointed at himself with his paw, and looked at Neville and then pointed at his bed “You… you’re Harry’s?” Harry shook his head and repeated the gesture, and smiled as comprehension appeared on face “Harry? Is-Is that you?”

Yes” Harry barked, nodding at the same time, his tail wagging at being recognized. He yelped as he was grabbed quickly and hugged

“Harry, I’m so sorry!” Neville yelled “It was a complete accident, I didn’t think that it would be this bad, I’m a complete idiot Harry I-” Harry interrupted Neville by licking his cheek. He felt oddly protective of the clumsy Gryffindor, he didn’t mean to do this to him, and this new body didn’t feel that bad now that he thought about it “You're not mad at me?” Harry shook his head.

“Neville” he heard someone say as they climbed the steps “You know what the professor said about going in- holy Merlin, is that a pokemon?” Harry turned around and saw the gobsmacked face of Colin Creevey

“Colin, what a pokemon?” Neville asked, snapping Colin out of his stupor

“Po-pokemon are fictional creatures from a muggle game series” Colin explained to the confused pureblood “That’s a Rockruff, where did you find it?”

Rockruff” Harry barked, smiling “So that’s what I am

“Colin” Neville said, nervous “This… this is Harry”

“What” Colin said “Did- did you said that pokemon is Harry Potter?”

YesHarry barked, nodding, shocking Colin

“C-come on” Colin said “We need to go see McGonagall”

Kay” Harry said, jumping down from Neville’s arms “Come on!

Unfortunately, McGonagall couldn’t transfigure Harry back to normal, but he really didn’t mind strangely enough. Despite his objections (A.K.A loud barking) the professor insisted in punishing Neville, but with Colin’s help, he convinced Dumbledore not to expel the chubby boy. Seeing that Harry was permanently stuck like this and after seeing his closure to Neville, Dumbledore decided that Harry would stay with him, which exited Harry a lot.

Neville, seeing this as a way to atone for his mistake, happily agreed to take care of the little Rockruff, but after trying to give Harry a bath ended in the little pokemon crying in pain when the water touched him, Colin joined in to help Neville understand it, like the fact that Harry was a rock-type, meaning water hurt him, the three of them grew very close. To make sure that both Neville and Harry were safe, the headmaster told the school as a whole that Harry had decided, to escape the attention of the ‘mass murderer’ Sirius Black, he had transferred to the american school, Ilvermorny, while sending Sirius a letter explaining the situation

After a few weeks, the whole school had accepted the fact that Harry Potter had left, Colin and Neville decided to start calling the transformed boy Rockruff, just in case someone started piecing things together. While he was a little sad he couldn’t hang out with Ron and Hermione, he grew closer and closer to Colin and Neville, with the boys taking turns to spend time with him.

Since Harry Potter had left, the fake Mad-Eye couldn’t enter him in the tournament, and in an act of desperation, attempted to use Neville for the ritual at the end of the year, since he fit the criteria as well. However, Harry discovered that he could use the attacks that Colin told him about and used one called Stone Edge to knock the impostor out. With the Death Eater imprisoned, Voldemort’s resurrection never occurred, and he never returned because his caretaker had abandoned him as soon as he could.

After the end of the year, Harry accompanied Colin home, with a promise from Neville that he would spend the next summer at his home

“Rockruff, that Stone Edge was amazing!” Colin exclaimed

Thanks” Harry said, blushing at the complement

“I wonder if you can evolve like the pokemon in the games…”

Evolve?” Harry barked, tilting his head

“Evolution is when a pokemon changes form when they grow” Colin explained, seeing Harry’s confused expression “Rockruff evolve into Lyncanroc. I show you when we get home”

Okay *YAWN*” Harry barked, closing his eyes and dreaming of that, much happier with his life as a pokemon. He had no class, no homework, no need to deal with Snape, no more destiny to fight Voldemort. All he had to do now was be with his friends Colin and Neville, and he could not be happier.
A Misfired Spell (Rockruff TF)
And here is another pokemon TF, but this time, I'm transforming someone from another franchise.

This time, we have Harry Potter transforming into a Rockruff!

Enjoy and please leave a comment, telling what you liked and what you didn't

Harry Potter belongs to J.K Rowling

Pokemon belongs to Game Freak and Nintendo

Image source:…
Hey everyone, I'm gonna start another pokemon TF soon, but I'm going to do something different this time. I'm going to TF a character from another franchise into a pokemon. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Plusle and Minun.png

It was a big day in Rustboro City. Specifically, inside the Devon Corporation. Today the company’s most ambitious device was about to be complete, the Pokemon Transformer Room. Despite of that, Joseph Stone, the president of the company was pacing around his office with a headache. The cause?

The lack of test subjects for the machine.

Despite the years of development, no one in the company wanted to participate in the tests, and to make things worst, he had to leave for a weekend long meeting in Kanto with Sliph Co. so he couldnt help in looking for some. That’s why he had called up the head of research, Michael Fava.

“Alright Mr Fava” Joseph started, grabbing his briefcase “I need you to do anything you can think of to get some test subjects”

“Anything sir?” the scientist asked

“Yes” the president said, walking towards the door of the office “We need to test that device. So do what you think is necessary” the chief scientist nodded as the president walked out of the office, thinking of the easiest way to get some test subjects.

Around an hour later, outside, Ash Ketchum was walking out of the Poke Mart, taking a break before he headed back to Kanto. With all his pokemon were at the center, he took the chance to simply walk around a nearby park.

“Well, that was a fun journey” he said, looking over his “Wonder what I’m going to do nex-”

“ASH!” a familiar voice screamed out, snapping the black haired boy out of his thoughts. He turned around and smiled as he saw a boy with spiky auburn hair running towards him

“Ritchie!” Ashe yelled, running over and greeting his former rival “Good to see you!”

“Yeah, it’s been a while” Ritchie said, the two friends walking over to nearby bench “But I can't wait to start the gym circuit here!”

“Well, you better train hard!” Ash laughed “The gyms here aren’t a joke”

“Well  if they were, it wouldn’t be fun!” the brown haired trainer joked back as they took a seat, neither of them realising that they were being watched.

Fava grinned as he watched the two trainers

“Their perfect. Two people on a journey, so no one will be in contact with them for some time.” the mad scientist took a look around, making sure that there was no one around as he pulled out a pokeball “Come out Roserade” the flower pokemon emerged from its ball and looked at it’s trainer “Use Grass Whistle” the small pokemon nodded and began singing a melody in the direction, making both of them collapse to a deep sleep “Good work.” the scientist whispered, pulling out his pokegear and calling the lab “Ready the chamber, I got two perfect subjects.”

“Augh, my head” Ash groaned, grabbing the side of his head, sitting up slowly and looking around. He saw Ritchie laying next to him, wearing nothing but a pair of white shorts, which he guessed he was wearing as well. The room they were in was a white box, no visible door or windows, with a faucet and bowls in the corner, there was also a large mirror which reached from the floor to the ceiling.

“Oh Arceus, my head feels horrible…” Ritchie mumbled, sitting up next to Ash “What the? Where are we?”

“I have no clue” Ash said, standing up and tapping the walls, failing to spot a door anywhere around them. The two boys spent what felt like an hour to them searching the room, stopping occasionally to take a drink of water from the faucet in the corner.

“There is nothing here!” Ritchie yelled in frustration “I’m going to go insane if-” the auburn haired boy was cut off as a gas started to seep into the room from unseen vents “*Cough* What the heck *Cough*”

“I have no idea” Ash coughed, stumbling and falling down on his butt, his eyes struggling to stay open.

“Pacification gas release succesfull sir” the scientist said, observing the events from the chamber

“Good” Fava said

“All we need now is the transformation gas” another scientist “Which do you recommend sir?”

“I recomend numbers 311 and 312” Fava said, smiling happily as one of the lab assistants grabbed two canisters, one red and one blue, plugging them into the gas feeder. Back in the chamber, the gasses were released and the two boys began breathing them in. Fava’s smile widened as he watched the screen as the boys’ hair color started to change to a nice yellow.

As Ash woke up, he felt, the top of his head heat up, as if someone was pressing a bit of hot metal on it

“AUGH!” he yelled, jumping onto his feet and patting the top of his head, feeling two tiny little nubs. As he attempted to lessen the sensation, his now yellow hair began to recede back into his head it began to spread to the rest of it. “What is happening?!” he yelled as the fur spread to his nose, turning into miniscule black dot, continuing until it reached his cheeks. There, the fur turned red and formed a circle, with a plus sign on the inside. Ash looked over to the other boy in the room, who was in a similar position, except the circles on his cheeks were blue with a minus sign

“Ash….?” Rictiche mumbled, in a less lucid state than Ash. Ash’s eyes began to water as the burning sensation was replaced by a feeling of something pulling the top of his head, hard. He screamed as two large, red furred ears popped out. The boy collapsed to the ground, the spread of fur going faster, coating the whole of his body in no time, the same happening to Ritchie. He shuddered as the fur coated his hands, turning red as it did. He stared helplessly as his fingers shrank back into his hands, leaving his hands as red colored nubs.

“Whatsle happepule” the boy covered his mouth in shock at his speech had turned into mid sentence, he suddenly felt the same pulling sensation from earlier, this time coming from his rear. The boy wasn’t able to maintain consciousness and collapsed as a small red tail, in the shape of a plus sign popped out, a similar fate happening to his friend as a second, this time clear, gas was released into the room.

“Lifes sign are green, inserting mind altering gas” one of the scientists said, looking over the screens “Estimated time until it is safe to open chamber is 15 minutes”

“Great!” Fava exclaimed, grabbing two nearby pokeballs “As soon as they're ready, open the access hatch”

Augh, my head. What happenedAsh asked himself, shaking his head and taking a deep breath. He stood up from a large white cloth on the floor and looked around, he was still in the white room. He looked at the mirror and froze, a Plusle was staring back at him, staring right back at him, in the mirror. “No way” he mumbled, moving his arms up to prove a point, his reflection doing the same. Shaking his head, feeling his ears flap around “Too simple” he said pouting, this time jumping and striking a litle pose in the air, his reflections doing the same. He took a deep breath and continued doing this for a good two minutes, seeing what new pose he could do in the mirror and taking a lege gulp of air after each “Hm, think Plusle think. I need a really good pose…slapping his paws together, he twirled around, jumped and exteded his arms into the air, unknowingly setting off sparks on his paws, making them look like pom-poms “That was a perfect move!” he thought with a smile.

That was awesome!” he heard a familiar voice squeal as an excited pokemon ran up to him, he blinked, confused

Who was that” he said, taking a large breath “Oh yeah, Minun!” said pokemon ran up to his ‘best friend’ and hugged him, electricity coursing through them

Thanks Minun!” Plusle said happily “You wanna do one together?

You don't have to ask!” the minus pokemon said, taking his place next to his partner and began their routine, jumping in the air, on top of each other, doing handstands with large grins on both of their faces.

Fava grinned as the hatch opened to the chamber, happy at the result of the experiment. As he approached the one-way mirror, he could see the two transformed boys happily doing a cheerleading routine

“Plus plus plus plusle sle!” he heard the Plusle yell as he shook around his spark pom-poms

“Nun nin un!” the Minun yelled alongside his partner as he did a mirror of his friend's routine, pom-poms and everything

“Fascinating” Fava muttered “Their acting exactly like the pokemon they are now…” grinning, he opened the hidden door behind the mirror, smiling at the two shocked pokemon “Hello there”

“Plus plusle!” the red mouse greeted, waving with his paws as Minun hid behind his friend

“I saw your routine” the chief said “It was really good” he smiled when the two ice looked at each other with joy “I wanted to ask you if you wanted to join us here at the lab, we could do with someone like you” the two pokemon looked at each other for a second before happily nodding as the scientist pulled out two pokeballs.

“Perfect” the scientist muttered as he walked back to his office

“Fava!” he heard someone yel

“Yes” he asked, turning around before stepping back in surprise, seeing the company president standing there alongside officer Jenny “Mr Stone! What are you doing here?”

“My flight was cancelled” the president growled “Now, what id you to Ash and his friend?”

“Ash?” the scientist stammered “Who is that?”

“Don’t give us that!” Jenny growled “We saw him being carried in here alongside another boy”

“I don’t-” the scientist said until he tripped and dropped his pokeballs, realising the two cheering pokemon

“Plus!” Plusle said, waving at the to new humans in front of him as Minun hid behind him, peeking over Plusle’s shoulder to look at them. Mr Stone and Jenny stared a the two pokemon in shock for a second

“Ash?” Mr Stone asked crouching down to look at the pokemon

“Plus? Usle plusle plus?” Plusle asked, probably wondering who that was. Despite this, Stone knew

“Jenny, arrest that man” he said, pointing at his former chief scientist as he grabbed the two transformed boys “I’ll see if I can reverse this”

“Alright” the police officer said as she slapped handcuffs onto the insane scientist “I hope you can do it”

Months later, Joseph Stone and his science staff had no luck in reversing the transformation, he had no choice but keep the two pokemon in the building, he had gone to the pokemon center and sent their pokemon back to Kanto with an explanation of the situation. Despite this, he couldn’t help but crack a smile as he sat in his office watching the two doing their new cheering routine

“Plusle plus plusle!” Plusle yelled as he landed on his hands

“Minun min un minun!” Minun squealed as he landed on Plusle’s hind paws with his spark pom-poms on his paws in the air

“Great work boys” Joseph said, a sad smile on his face as congratulated the two pokemon

Hey Plusle” Minun asked his partner after jumping off his paws “What wrong with Mr Rock?

I don’t know MinunPlusle said, cleaning his tail “I mean, he liked the show, so… Maybe he had a bad day?

Well, if that’s the case, we can fix that, can’t we?Minun asked his partner

Oh yeah we can! Plusle exclaimed “Let’s get started on a new routine!

“Yeah! Minun yelled, jumping next to his best friend as they started planning new acrobatics, both of them happily unaware of the lives they used to have.

Lab Mice (Plusle and Minun TF)
Well, Im happy to write another pokemon TF after all this time. Honestly I thought it came out pretty well. And I haven't seen alot of TF's involving these two pokemon , so I decided to try my hand at it.

Tell me what you think, alright?

Pokemon belongs to GameFreak

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Hi guys, I'm working on a new TF story. A pokemon one. Can't wait to post it
Well, still writting the next part of the pack. But I hurt my fliping eardrum and now with the medicine it feels likeit on fire!
Still going to get the next one out as soon as I can though

A large wolf leap onto another rock, it’s large amber eyes looking over the Wela Volcano park. It focused on a small group of people walking towards the exit of the park. It leaped down, crouching in the grass to keep hidden, and took a sniff

Human pups!” it thought, moving slightly forward, peeking outside of the bush, focusing on the group walking to front of it. “Three females… one male’s that too old… Wait” the wolf pushed its head and focused on the spiky, raven haired boy with the yellow mouse on his shoulder “Prefect” the Alpha said, a wolfish grin on it’s muzzle “I found the next member of my pack”



“Hey Pikachu, you okay?” Ash Ketchum asked his favorite companion, scratching behind his ear

“Chaa” Pikachu said wheezing, Ash realizing what was wrong

“You have a cold, huh?” the small yellow rodent nodded. Ash stopped and slipped his backpack off and placing it on the ground, taking out pecha berry “Here this will help”. With Pikachu happily munching on the berry, the boy crouched down to pick up his bag, a large black streak snagged it “HEY!” he looked over to the direction that the it went, and saw a large, black and grey furred wolf with bright amber eyes, staring right at him, on the wolf’s chest, a large α in grey colored fur caught Ash’s eye.

“Woof!” the wolf barked, leaping off the rock and ran towards a cave deeper into the park

“HEY!” Ash yelled

“Ash, what’s wrong?” Sophocles asked, running back “We’ve been waiting for you for a while.”

“Some wolf looking pokémon just took off with my pack” Ash explained “Hey, can you take Pikachu back to the school for me? I’ll catch a ride back on my own later” Sophocles nodded, grabbing the mouse pokémon and walking back to the rest of the group. Giving his fiends thumbs up, Ash turned around and ran after the wolf.



Ash ran through the long grass of the park, dashing past Cubones and other pokémon, reaching the mouth of a large cave.

“Aroooo!” howling came from the inside of the cave, the raven-haired boy reached for Litten’s pokeball. He tiptoed inside, not noticing the large blue eyes following him.

“What kind of Pokémon is this?” he wondered, crouching down, seeing tufts of fuchsia, orange and black hair that littered the cave’s floor. Looking up, a large smile broke into his face “My pack!” he exclaimed, pocketing the pokeball, he ran towards the back of the cave, he reached for the backpack, but he stopped when he heard a low growling. He looked up and was met with large amber eyes and a mouth full of teeth.

“Grrrrrrrr. Wooof!” the Alpha barked loudly, causing Ash to fall onto is knees and over his ears in surprise. The large creature stopped growling and looked at Ash straight in the face, as if waiting for something

“Eh… Hi” Ash said nervously, taking the wolf-creatures stare a sign to speak “Look, I’m sorry I barged in here, but I came here to get my backpack” the wolf made no moves, just staring the young trainer in the eyes “Umm, did you he- AAAAGHHH!” he screamed in pain as he felt teeth sinking into his behind, also hearing a loud ripping noise. He turned around, seeing two other wolfs, one fuchsia with bright blue green eyes and an orange one with bright blue eyes, with a large bit of clothing in it’s mouth. His pants. “Hey, give those back!” he tried to jump at the animal, but all three of the wolfs dashed out of the cave incredible quickly. He jumped to his feet, despite the pain it caused him he ran to the entrance of the cave, but suddenly a large boulder rolled onto the entrance, blocking all chance of escape “Hey!” he yelled, pounding on the boulder “Somebody, help!”


Good work with the bite Beta” Alpha said, turning towards the fuchsia wolf

Thank you, sir” Beta said, overflowing with joy at having helped the Alpha, the pink Beta symbol on her chest being displayed proudly “It was my honor

Omicron, why did you take the human pups trousers?” Alpha asked, looking at the orange colored wolf, the omicron symbol being a dull yellow

He had those ball capturing thing in here Alpha” Omicron explained, throwing the shredded remains of the pants into the tall grass behind them “If he kept them, he’d be able to get out of the cave before the induction into the pack was done. Speaking of which, is the water and food inside Beta?” Beta nodded

Good, then we have around two hours to burn” Alpha said, his voice authoritarian “Let’s go hunting, once he’s fully inducted, our new packmate will be hungry”

I know I was” Omicron said, “I’ll take the top of the mountain”



Ash stopped pounding on the rock a while ago, he supported himself on a nearby rock, rubbing his sore butt cheek, feeling the spot where the wolves teeth sank into his skin, oddly, though, there was no blood. No red stain on his white boxers or red liquid on his fingers, right now though he two other big problems.

Hunger and thirst.

The plan was for them to eat lunch once they got back from the field trip. He had already eaten the snacks he packed earlier, and didn’t pack a canteen. The thirsty boy rubbed his eyes.

“If those wolf-things lived here….” He spoke to himself, panting slightly “Then they must have had some food and water.” Steading himself, he let go of the rock and started to walk towards the back of the cave. Behind his backpack he grinned as he saw an enormous pool of crystal clear water, a small waterfall dumping fresh water into it. He grinned and started walking towards it, when he felt his legs give out, he fell flat on his face.

“Ow” he mumbled, getting up on all fours, he attempted to get back up on his feet. He couldn’t “Must be the bite… it’s making my legs go numb” he said to himself, shaking his head he started crawling until he reached the edge off the pool, dipping his hand into the pool and taking sip. The feeling of the water going down his throat was beyond description, it felt as if liquid diamond was filling his stomach. Unfortunately, no matter how many times he dipped his hands in, he couldn’t drink fast enough. Shaking his head in frustration, in a split-second decision, he dunked his head into the pool, taking in large amounts of water, using his tongue to guide it into his mouth. He got his head out of the water, keeping his tongue outside of his mouth. Not that he really cared, somehow it was keeping his cool. His feet felt strangely itchy and unconfutable though, causing the boy to shiver in discomfort, he quickly removed his shoes and socks and stared at them.

“What the heck?” he asked himself, looking over is foot, not seeing any noticeable blemishes on them. He shrugged, in the caves low lighting, not seeing the dark blue hairs growing on them or his toenails turning slightly black. “Okay, water’s good” he said, scratching a spot right above his butt as if something was pinching him there. Ignoring it for now, with his tongue stinking out of his mouth he smelt something.

“Food!” he thought, dashing on all fours towards the source of the smell, moving on all fours slowly feeling more and more natural to him. He followed the smell to a large pack of berries and what looked like a magikarp. He laid down on his stomach and started devouring the berries in front of him, his teeth growing sharper. Even after finishing the berries, he still felt hungry and stole a glance at the fish pokémon next to him, normally Ash hated eating pokémon, instead eating what was called ‘synthetic meat replacement’ but at this moment, he didn’t care he leaped at the fish and started devouring it. As he ate, Ash’s arms and legs began being coated with the same dark blue fur that now fully coated his feet, his feet being a slightly lighter blue than the rest of his legs, his ears also started to shrink quickly and a pinching feeling began on the top of his head. Ash attempted to scratch it with his hand, but he couldn’t bring himself to bring his arm all the way up there, sitting up eh brought his leg up to his head and stared batting at it, his hat flying of, he moaned as he scratched the spot, quickly going back to his meal, ignoring the fact that two pointed canine ears stood at the top of his now dark blue hair. He licked his lips as he left the bare fish skeleton behind, heading towards the pool for another drink.

“This isn’t so bad” he mumbled to himself, the last word coming out as a small yip, his now blue hair started spreading towards the rest of his head, covering his entire face quickly. He stopped I his tracks and whined slightly as he felt the pinching at the front of his face for around a second, as t stretched into a light blue muzzled with dark blue fur at the top. “Hm, wonder what that was” he wondered aloud, his new ears making sure he ddn’t realized he just barked instead of spoken, he instead put his newly formed muzzle into the water and took a long drink form it. His fur quickly spread from his head and arms over to his torso, coating his back in dark blue and his stomach in light blue fur and forming a symbol on his chest. He got up form his drink and tugged at his shirt “Man, it really got hot in here” he barked, using the last few minutes he possed thumbs to remove the article of clothing from his body. Right after that he felt more pinching, this time on his hand, feet and legs. He whined loudly, shivering slightly as his legs reshifted to allow him easier movement on all fours. He closed his eyes as his hands and feet shifted into three toed paws with sharp black claws, when he opened his eyes, he could suddenly see better in the caves darkness and, though he couldn’t see it, their color shifted slightly, making his brown eyes shine a bit. He shook himself to try and rid the strange feeling when the pinching o his behind quickly ended as a loud ripping sound was heard. He looked back a smiled a wolfish grin at the sight of his dark blue tail, waging it happily as his thoughts became murkier and murkier.

He ran to the pool to get a good look at himself, his tongue sticking out as he did, admiring his coat of fur, a dark blue on top with much paler, sky blue on his belly, muzzle, paws and the tip of his tail, along with the white zigzags on his face next to his muzzle. Looking at the pool he suddenly though of one detail

What was my name?” the young wolf looked at hi reflection again and smiled when he saw the symbol on his chest, a large horseshoe shaped thing “Omega… yeah, that’s my name. My name is Omega!” he yipped happily, jumping up and chasing his tail. His thoughts stopped shifting, Omega did remember that once he was a human, but frankly, he didn’t care. Why would he want to be smelly, lazy human? Humans had to wear things on top of them to protect from the cold, had his fur, he could drink, eat and do almost anything he wanted like this. He didn’t care he couldn’t remember his human name, he was much happier a Omega the Pack-Wolf



The three other wolves stood outside the cave, a large pile of fish pokémon behind them, ready o meet the new member of their pack

“WOOF!” the three of them barked, the rock covering the cave vanishing instantly.

Alpha! Alpha” a young sounding voice yipped in excitement, a dark blue wolf running out of the cave to meet the other three.

The alpha took a quick look at his newly inducted packmate, he was smaller than them (which was expected, seeing the age he was when he was human made him a cub) with a large sky-blue on his chest.

Hello Omega” Alpha barked, in a friendly tone “Is your induction done?”

“Huh uh” Omega said panting, nodding vigoursly, standing in front of Alpha in amazement at his strength to destroy a rock with a bark “No trace of that smelly human I used to be, sir” Alpha chuckled at the choice of word of the youngest member of the pack.

Come then Omega” Alpha barked “Time to find a new hunting ground” the puppy nodded and sat down next to Omicron as Alpha sat in front o them “On three. One. Two. Three!” They l look a deep breath and

“AROOOOOOOOOOOOO!” the four wolves howled, wind picked it up around them, and in a second a flash of light surged form them and they disappeared. Never to be seen in the Alola region, or the pokémon world, again.


In another universe, the four wolves sat, eating their fish happily in the middle of a forest, Omega’s brown eyes fixed on the large stone castle just outside the woods

Maybe Alpha will let me induct the next pack member” the young puppy though “If he does, I’ll make sure they come from in there. After all, a wolf that has survived with lions, snakes, badgers and eagles will be a great brother!”

The Pack Part 1 Omega (A TF Story)
Well, here's the first part of a new TF project I want to try out, The Pack.
Bassicly the idea is a goup of uber power wolves, each named after a leter of the greek alphabet, are trying to comlpete their family by turnig humans into Pack-Wolves like them. And for their first new member, it's of course Ash Ketchum! (I really couldn't do anyone else for the first one, seeing as most of my tfs revolve around Ash)

Tell me in the comments what you think.

Oh, and try to guess who's going to be transfomed next from the last paragraph and put it in the comments =D
Hey guys. Sorry bout the lack of activity. I'm working on a new TF series idea. I'm going to call it "The Pack"

I hope you guys enjyoy them, I'm writing the first one now


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I love writting about the Pokemon anime, bassicly Team Rocket & Ash turning into pokemon. I also love Detective Conan, Doctor Who and Gravity Falls


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