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418Buizel Dream by VicenteKS

Ash Ketchum was not going to the costume party, "Ash? you okay?" asked Iris, "Yeah I'm fine, I'll go look for a costume" answered Ash. He walked out of the Pokemon-Center, thinking about the party. Professor Juniper made a big "going away" party for Ash, Iris & Cilan after helping get rid of Team Plasma, but Ash didn't have a costume for the occasion so he went to a shop he had heard great things about this store so he decided to check it out.
The store was some sight, a big color-full sign that said "POKEMON SUITS! PARTIES & MORE!", inside the color-filled store was nearly empty except for one mask.
A Buizel mask, a rubber band held mask, but super realistic almost as if they took it off the pokemon itself. Ash felt drawn to this mask, he grabbed it, paid and ran back to the Pokemon-Center; locked himself in the bathroom & put the mask on. "Huuuugh! It's wet!" Ash yelled he tried to take the mask off, but it was stuck "Oh no" Ash though "it won't come off!". He snached the rubber band and he pulled until it snapped off the mask. "" Ash stamered, the mask was glued to his face! Then a clear-orange liquid seeped out of the mask and covered him almost instantly. "What's going on!" Ash tried to scream but the moment his lips opened, half of the liquid went inside his mouth and the other half went into his nose, he didn't feel a thing, not the desire to cough or to choke but his vision did get blurry, so he had to sit down on the toilet.
Then he started to change."Uh? what happend, were's the mask?" said Ash as soon as he could see straight. "Mmm, wierd." he said and then he looked in the mirror and saw what the liquid had done to him. "What happend to my nose!?" Ash yelled looking at the mirror, were his nose looked like a small black triangle.''Am I turning into a Pokemon?'' Ash though with a lot of worry.
Then his raven hair started shooting back into his head, "what's happening!" Ash tried to scream, but all that came out of his mouth was "Bui bu buizel!" soon only a thin layer of hair remaind, but it turned orange almost instantly, and started to join with the rest of his head, but the area with his mouth only shot out a little and four black spots appeard on both of his cheeks, then he opened his mouth and saw two tiny sharp teeth.
Then his head was coverd with fur, his mouth area with a peach color and the rest of his head an orange color, his hears dissapierd but he could hear too. Then he coudn't breath, his throat was constricted by a large yellow collar, his collar, that allowed a Buizel to float. He reached for the zipper of his jacket and saw his hand, or rather paw for it had lost it's thumb, the fingers joined into a round shape and he had small claws on them (almost invisible to the naked eye) with blue fins poping out near them, same with the other hand.
Then the yellow collar expanded so much that the jacket ripped off his body, Ash's eyes turned a light blue color instead of his usual brown and he started to think "so this is how a Buizel thinks, I love it!", with a childish smile on his face & sky blue eyes, he  ripped his T-shirt to shreds with his tiny claws and sharp teeth. "I feel like a newborn!" though Ash with a smile, then he started to loose his legs as they shrank to non existence, and his arms shortened to reach his belly, witch had gained a lot of muscle onthe lower area and lost a lot of strength on his shoulders. Then his feet grew to twice their original length & half their with, turning into long, strong paws built for swimming and running.
"What's this on my belly? OWWW!" though the Buizel that used to be Ash Ketchum "My bottom paws feel like their being squached!". Using his teeth he tore the pants, shoes & socks to pieces.
Then came the final part of the transformation, with a conftrable feeling a long orange tail came out of Ash's behind and then split into two peach colored tips.
Then the mask slid off the Buizel's face. Ash started feeling proud, arrogant, stubborn and competetive. The traits of a Buizel. Ash's memories started dessolving in front of him, being repplaced with the memory of swimming in rivers, battleing other Buizel, & nothing of his old human life. "What am I doing here?" though the Buizel "well it dosen't matter" he said as he jumped to the window "I don't now this place, but when has a Buizel gotten lost? never! plus I'm too good to get lost, I just want to battle!"

After jumping out the window, he ran to a nearby lake, dove in and swam away

Ash buys a mystirous Buizel mask, and after putting it on, he turned into a Buizel himself
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Kamentantei Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Zohaku Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013
Pretty good story.
pokemonrocksapples Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
oh awesome I will be sure to read it
pokemonrocksapples Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Wow epic story ;)
VicenteKS Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks, I'm planing on making a version were he turns into an Umbreon
pokemonrocksapples Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
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