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July 28, 2013
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600px-502Dewott by VicenteKS

Two Oshawott were playing by the river, one had a flower on it's head, her name was Oshy. The other one had a big tuft of white hair standing up, his name was Torrent, "I'm feeling a little bored, Torrent. I wish we had an older brother to play with." Oshy said one day "Yeah, I wish we had a Dewott in our family" Torrent told his sister "But there's nothing we can do about it". Oshy looked at the ground for a few seconds, but then she percted up. "Actullay, I found a weird looking water stone the other day. Maybe it does something to humans?" Oshy told her brother, who though about it before smiling and giving a nod.
Meanwhile, Ash Ketchum was nearby training his pokemon. "Oshawott, use razor shell!" the raven haired boy yelled, but nothing happend, his Oshawott was asleep. "What the.. YAWN!" Ash said "Wow, it's really late. I better get some sleep." He said as he took off his jacket, pants, hat, shoes & socks, throwing them aside. Just as he was getting into his sleeping bag two Oshawott showed up. "Hey there" he said, petting one of them. Looking at each other, the twin pokemon noded, Oshy then looked straight into the boy's eyes. Ash began to feel a little woozie, "Wait....your using hypno....." Ash tried to say before he fell asleep, then he woke back up with an empty look in his eyes. "Now listen, you will go to a large flat rock in the middle of the deep part of the river. Got it?" Oshy asked the human under her control "Yes master, I will go to the river right now.." said the enslaved human to his pokemon master. Then he stood up & went straight to the river.
The twins returned to see a wet human boy in a soaked T-shirt and dripping wet underpants sitting cross-leged obidently on a large flat stone in the middle off the river, with an empty look in his eyes. "Hey Torrent, you mind if I have a little fun before we give him the stone?" Oshy asked her brother. "Sure, but really quick" he said. "Allright, I want you to lick your foot" Oshy told the boy, who noded and followed his comand. "Okay.. That's enogh" giggled Torrent five minutes later. He handed the stone to Ash who took it without thinking about it. "You will do what ever you feel nesesary to do to complete the transformation" Oshy told her futter big brother. Ash once again sat with his legs crossed & waited. Soon, his hair turend light blue started to grow back into his skull, leaving him with a big tuft of hair on the back off his head. Soon his head turend into a round shape and his hears soon were coverd by the expanding fur that was covering him, two small black triangles sowed up on the top of his head, his new hears were just the start. Then his eyes turned into small black ones and his nose turned red and two white V shaped whiskers appeard on both sides of his new face. He then opened his mouth and two small fangs grew were his cannine teeth used to be.
Next he took of his shirt, and on his chest, hair was growing (not human hair, light blue Dewott hair), his chest started to shrink and gain power, then his arms shrank to just one meter long, his wrists and hand turend black and all his fingers melted together into three toed paws. His feet started to turn black, shrink and get more muscle, soon he had three toed back paws to stand on. The half boy half dewott stood up as his legs shrank. Then something started to put pressure on the back off his underpants and a large, flat black tail came out of the rip. He grabed his underpants with his paws and ripped them off, reaviling navy blue fur in a vest like shape with two shells on each thigh. Soon, Ash no longer was a human, but a Dewott. "I't worked!" Torrent said, amesed. "Okay, your name is now Dew, you don't remember your human life at all. You've allways been our big brother, who loves to play with us all day, swimming & fighing with your scallchops, got it?" Oshy told the Dewott. Dew noded "Okay then" Oshy said as she snapped her fingers. Dew blinked and looked around to see his siblings.
"Hey guys, what's up?" he asked cheerfully. "Nothing" the twins muttered "What's wrong Dew?" Torrent asked. "Nothing, little bro. Just had a weird dream about me being human, but it was just a dream." Dew told his little brother. "Want to play water tag?"
From that day on, Ash Ketchum was known as Dew Wott & lived happily with his little brother & sister.
Ash is hypnotised & turened into a Dewott by two Oshawott
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